Prop 1A will create over 500,000 desperately needed jobs in California communities

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Prop 1A
Creates Jobs

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Prop 1A
Fights Global Warming

Prop 1A
Reduces Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

We Support
Prop 1A

We Support Prop 1A because …hear from California's leaders about why they support 1A.

List of Endorsing Business Environmental, Taxpayer Groups, agencies and Officials. See the over 100 groups that have endorsed Prop 1A.

What is
Prop 1A?

Benefits of the Proposition

Financing Plan

How High Speed Trains Protect Our Environment

Prop 1A - Official English Language Supplemental Booklet

Ballot proposition 1A Argument

Rebuttal Argument to the Opposition Primary Argument

Prop 1A
will boost the economy and create jobs

August 27, 2008 Politicker CA
Jobs group backs water, high speed rail bonds
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September 24, 2008 San Diego Business Journal
Fast Train Called Just the Ticket for Job Growth
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Fact Sheet:
Prop 1A Creates Jobs and Boosts the Economy

Business Council Study Cites More Jobs for Orange County with High-Speed Train System

Study Concludes: High-Speed Trains to Boost LA Economy

Economic Institute Says High-Speed Train System to Boost Bay Area Economy

Study Says High-Speed Trains Offer Economic Boost to Central Valley

Study Cites More Jobs for San Diego

Editorial Endorsements

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Individual & Group Endorsements

If You Can Only Read Three Things, Please Read These

August 27, 2008 Imperial Valley News
Schwarzenegger Puts Taxpayer Protections into High Speed Rail Bond on Ballot
Click here for the full article

October 2, 2008 California Progress Report
Schwarzenegger Reiterates Support for Prop 1A
Click here for the full article

September 12, 2008 California Progress Report
The Green Dividend of High Speed Rail for California
Click here for the full article

October 6, 2008 Fresno Bee Editorial
High-speed rail pays off
New study says Valley will greatly benefit from building system.
Click here for the full article

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 California High Speed Rail Blog
Prop 1A as Economic Stimulus
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